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Brief History

Islamic potters originally developed the white tin-glaze, decorative technique during the Middle Ages. The development was inspired by the fine decorative Chinese Porcelain which was traded with Persia, The tin-glaze and decorating technique spread into Spain, and was developed into what is known as Hispano-Moresque ware. During the 11th and 12th centuries, Spanish tin-glaze pottery was imported into Italy. About 1200 AD the Italian potters adapted the technique and eventually called it "maiolica". The name "maiolica" was believed to be derived from where the tin-glaze ware was imported , Majorca Spain.



Maiolica is a type of low-fire earthenware clay covered with an opaque white tin glaze and decorated with colored pigments. This type of pottery is also known by the names majolica, faience, delftware, and tin-glazed pottery.  Maiolica pottery became popular in Italy during the Renaissance.


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