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 Graduated form University of Colorado with a BFA in Art (1977) with a focus in clay.  I continued to increase my skills which included working as a seasonal production potter, taking classes with Don Reitz at University of Wisconsin, and producing pottery at the pottery co-operative in Madison.

 In 1984. I moved to Southwest Michigan. My focus changed from clay to wholistic health. I was employed at the Creative Health Institute, a "Live Foods" cleansing  program created by Ann Wigmore.   In 1988, I became a Massage Therapist at the Kalamazoo Center of Healing Arts.

 For 10 years, pottery had fallen to the wayside, but my heart was yearning to get my hands back in clay.  I took classes at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and my love for clay became unquestionable. 

 I progressed and became a pottery teacher for 9 years.





Having my hands in clay gives me a  fundamental connection to the earth. 


The forms I create are influenced by experiences and insights of places and people I have met.


My favorite form to make is a cup.

Layering a multitude of glazes creates the impressions of the rolling hills and valleys of the beautiful driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. Feeling smooth to your lips and comfort in your hands creates an introspective moment. I hope you enjoy your morning coffee or tea with my Kickapoo Valley Cups!


Primary inspirations in my life are my son, Aaron, who  provided me with dynamic child rearing experiences, and an open prospective of life through his creative, artistic, and intellectual development;  My husband Rich, especially enjoys my coffee cups. In the morning when he drinks his "cup of Joe", he claims he can feel my creative hands.

Clay is the Way

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