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Locations to Buy

Keewaydin Organics, nestled in the Kickapoo Valley, has been an inspiration for my pottery. It's heart-warming to eat quality organic food served on beautiful handcrafted dishes.

is the heart of the Plymouth, Wi. art community. You can find my pottery in the gift shop.

Visit Organic Valley retail store,. 507 W. Main St., Lafarge, Wi. 54639,  608-625-3300, and

Organic Valley retail store. 509 Organic Dr., Cashton, Wi. 54619. 608-625-7300

Viva Gallery artists Cooperative. A Unique and inspiring business where the art is locally made by  members. VIVA is located in the heart of Viroqua. 

 has been producing quality coopworth wool products such as raw fleeces, rovings, yarns, quilt batts, sheep skins, and meat products such as leg of lamb, lamb chops, sausages, hot dogs, and patties for over 20 years.  Meats are sold at their farm, local co-op stores, and selected fine restaurants,  My pottery is now being sold at their store and invited events and shows.  For more information, you can contact the store.

A place for artists to create and teach, and the perfect place for you to buy an unusual gift, commission a piece of art for your home, You’ll be SUPPORTING the LOCAL ARTISTS IN THE AREA and making all our lives a little better

215 E. State St. Mauston, Wi.:

 Non-profit organizations serving Wisconsin and Michigan. 


Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to fight hunger, engaging the communities through ceramic and culinary arts to raise hunger awareness and provide resources to local agencies addressing food insecurity.

Nourish collaborates with local farmers, organizations, and volunteers to create and share fresh, local food with struggling families in our community. We provide both food and education through our programs:

Growing Power inspires communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound; creating a just world, one food-secure community 
at a time.



The Kalamazoo Promise is a pledge by a group of anonymous donors to pay up to 100 percent of tuition at any of Michigan's state colleges or universities for graduates of the public high schools of Kalamazoo, Michigan.







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